Monday, September 10, 2007

Wildlife Control

The key to resolving and providing humane wildlife solutions for clients is the use of proper inspection techniques for wildlife services.

A All Animal Control takes pride in training its owners and technicians in the latest wildlife inspection techniques. Wildlife control is a very specialized field that requires a lot of unique training. One simply does not buy a couple of cage traps and is qualified to provide wildlife control services.

A true professional will provide a very thorough inspection and recommend the proper procedures for wildlife removal. Don’t be fooled by operators that install a one way door and claim that this will remedy the situation entirely for you. One way doors are often a “feel good” approach to wildlife control.

The reality is that the animal is now homeless once it leaves the attic, crawlspace or porch and will have to find another place to live. The stress the animal is under when it discovers it cannot get back into its home is profound. Have you ever been locked out of your house or car? Then you know how stressful that is. What if it is raining or in the middle of winter? Where is that animal going to go?

When an animal is forced to find a new home it may have to fight for a new territory or move into someone else’s house. Now you have the problem in another house with the same animal.
With many companies offering the “feel good humane approach” it is easy to get confused as to what is best for the animal. A very well respected organization, the Audubon Society knows quite well that relocation is not the answer.

Wildlife management must offer a variety of solutions to completely control the damage and do what is best for the animal at the same time. To think there is a best outcome for every animal situation would be naïve.

Wildlife managers make the best decisions based on the information available to them. The interests of the property owner and the animal are included in their animal control programs. United wildlife control decisions need to be made by the property and building owner.

When you hire a Wildlife Control Agent or Nuisance Wildlife Control Professional, make sure they are properly licensed, insured and have been trained in the industry. If they do not have any or all of these requirements, do not expose yourself to the liability of hiring this company or individual.
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